shows Jesus in me.
  • LOVE
    I will put others first.
  • JOY
    I will be ok with what I have.
    I won't be afraid because I trust in God.
    I will wait without complaining.
    I will be nice to everyone.
    I will do what is right.
    I will not quit.
    I will care for others when they mess up.
    I will think before I act.

Your kids will join the wacky Fruit Inspector Adam Apple and the capable, no-nonsense Commissioner in a suspenseful search for each fruit—and Adam Apple's evil nemesis, the Spoiler. Along the journey, kids will learn to let the Holy Spirit shape Christlike character in their lives. Don't miss this fruit-astic adventure!

You'll love how simple it is to use Faith Case: Fruit of the Spirit. With almost no prep needed, these 10 sessions come complete with unforgettable videos, games, object lessons, and Bible stories that make learning fun!

Top secret passwords for each of the 10 sessions are included! Let your young investigators watch the obsessive Adam Apple and capable Commissioner updates again and again right here on this website. Kids just enter the password in the code box on the kids tab. (Psst! It's a great way to get parents involved with what their kids are learning!)


Gear up for your Faith Case adventure with session extras and printables, as well as
promotional materials to spread the word in your church and community.

Fruit of the Spirit Overview
Session 1 - Fruit of the Spirit
Session 1 - Printables
Special Investigator Badge
Recipe Cards
Fruit of the Spirit Song Lyrics
8.5x11 poster - version 1
8.5x11 poster - version 2
Fruit Artwork

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Hi Investigators!
Welcome to your Faith Case adventure! Get started by entering your secret password, and then watch each week's video updates, share a family devotion, and more.